About Our Training

Mobile ITnT Solutions IT training programs are designed to give you the required knowledge and hands-on training needed to excel professionally in today’s Information Technology market. Our training programs have no specified ending date, so our enrollees will get the best real-world experience and knowledge without Instructors rushing through labs/material.

We have structured our training programs to where it is very easy to learn and retain the knowledge and development principles required to be successful as an IT professional.

Our programs includes 24 hour access to video training to enhance your training experience. The video training includes many facets of hands-on real-world training to give you that on-the-job experience.

Training Requirements

Requirements to participate in any of our on-line, Instructor-led IT programs:

  • A computer or laptop
  • headset with or without mic OR computer speakers
  • Internet connection
  • Willingness to Learn
IT Programs

Our courses are taught live by experienced IT professionals over the internet in a virtual classroom.

Most of our program courses are 1-day/1.5 hours each week (unless otherwise noted).

We realize everyone doesn't learn at the same pace, therefore, we instituted 24 hour video access for each IT program course. That way you can spend as much time as you need to understand and know the material before your next class.

These programs can range from 8-16 months and give you the knowledge and hands-on experience required to succeed as an IT professional.

Recommended age: 18 and above

Youth Programs
    Our courses are taught live by experienced IT professional by one of the following:
  • In a classroom environment
  • Over the internet in a virtual classroom

These programs are designed to last 1 to 4 years and assist in creating expert IT professionals and/or future young entreprenuers.

Recommended age: 12 - 18

What Now After Training is Complete:

  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion
  • We will assist you in preparing and writing your resume
  • We will help you prep for job interviews
  • We will assist and give you all the tools for successful job searching