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About Mobile ITnT

Mobile ITnT Solutions offer our clients the full ranges of IT professional services from IT Training, IT Consulting, Enterprise Application Development, Database Administration & Design, Systems Administration and Configuration Management.

Mobile ITnT Solutions success is built upon a proactive, customer-centric, and best practices-based approach which incoporates continuous process improvement. This focus on excellence extends to all aspects of our IT students, customers, and client organization, resulting in a on-going relationship all can rely upon.


IT Training

I am Thomas Peterson and have been a product of Mobile ITnT Solutions program. . .I was unemployed with no relevant IT experience and hungry. . .I signed up taking the classes because they were cheap, convenient, and worked with my schedule. . .see more of testimony

-Thomas Peterson

Systems Engineer

IT Training

My name is Tyrone Hall and I am a student with Mobile ITnT Solutions. . .I have been with the program for roughly 2 years, studying IT genres such as Red Hat Linux System Administrator, MySQL DBA and presently HTML5 Web Developer course! . . . All I can say is it’s worth the investment! . . . It changed the dynamics of my life aa a whole! . .see more of testimony

-Tyrone Hall

Certified Architect Engineer

IT Training

I was a former student of Mobile ITnT Linux Program. . .I had fun while taking this course, plus I learned a lot. . .Mr Thompson's compelling efforts to distribute and train the students was meticulous and concise. . .I have recommended this course to many friends and family and will continue to share this information. . .see more of testimony

-Janeil Wilson

Jr. Linux Sytems Administrator

IT Training

The virtual MySQL program administered by Mr. Melvin Thompson, has been a right in time blessing for me. . .One Sunday in Church my co-Pastor mentioned a meeting for an IT training program to be offered by one of the Church partners. . .Initially I assumed it to be entry level computer training and thought it may be beneficial to my daughter, so I planned to attend this meeting with my daughters’ interest in mind. . .However once in the meeting Mr. Thompson began to speak of the “Database Administrator (MySQL) program. This immediately grabbed my attention. . .see more of testimony

-Harold Brown

Government Accountant

IT Training

I wouldn't be doing my due diligence if I didn't share my experience with Mobile ITnT's Linux System Administrator program. . The program has been very valuable and beneficial to me and my career. . .Before taking the course, I didn't have any IT experience whatsoever. . .I was presented with the opportunity and I took a leap of faith to invest in my future. . .I had done my research. . .see more of testimony

-Apreia Smith

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